This blog is to focus on Lita's story and her experiences updating her builder home and her passion for Interiors. Since she started her first Instagram account she has turned into a successful product stylist working with some of the biggest companies in the country and all over the world and a social media following with a very loyal audience.

Lita grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was raised along side her 2 younger sisters and her hippy dippie mom that was very artistic and inventive and her dad that was in the construction business.  Lita always sketching detailed homes or fashion and rearranging friends rooms as a young child instead of playing outside with the neighbhorhood kids, she knew deep down that creating was what made her happy. Lita has no training in Interiors but after building her first home, her and her husband Mike decided to upgrade all the finishes in the home on their own. After 6 years of working evenings and weekends they successfully sold their house! After this, they knew they were hooked! Moving cities now to Edmonton, Alberta they bought a spec home and began documenting the same process on social media. Through clever DIY's and smart design choices they hope to achieve the same outcome when the market is right.

As founder of Crave Interiors and this blog Lita has worked with businesses and followers from around the world. Lita's style maintains a bohemian simplicity in all of her projects, but always enjoys opportunities to show off her ever-evolving style. No matter what products she is asked to style or room she finishes in her home, each space created by Lita feels intimate, eclectic and unique.

Today Lita provides styling work for every type of business large scale to smaller shops and projects. Lita is always working and learning to share the coolest design tricks and tips to inspire you and help make your home beautiful!

Lita currently lives in Edmonton with her husband and business partner Mike, their children Felicia, Devon, Kale, Liam and fur baby Ruby.