Design Services


Crave Interiors is a full service E Design firm, which focuses on residential projects.  Our mission is to approach each project with an open mind.  My goal is to make your house into a home, and my Bohemian inspired eclectic approach to design, is always evolving and constantly inspired.  I believe the most important aspect of your home is that it reflects who you are, your personality and your style.  


E Décor Mission Statement:

Moving forward I have spent a long time on how I want to present my e-décor services to my clients.  I have been picking my brain countless times debating how can I offer an e-Décor service that kept up with my brand, fulfilled the high standards of clients, and provided a design with a high end unique look, but somehow managed to stay on a tight budget?  Through my own projects I analyzed and dissected to realize that the majority of my hours were spent searching for things on a budget, ultimately turning out to be something I was not very proud of.  I'm afraid that by the I start I will spend the entire décor fee searching for less expensive items and coming up short! Of course there is a general understanding that E Décor clients may be on a tighter budget, however, I struggle with how can I give you the "Crave Interiors" look as well as that one on one experience that is taking the time to create and curate a specific space.

Since you are looking for that "Crave Interiors" designed space, please know that I strive to keep every project in line with my brand and aesthetic.  My goal is make sure I provide the best and most unique products for your space. 

My specific process includes sourcing from "Trade Only", custom pieces and offering a lot of vintage items.  I find this is what resonates the best with my brand and gives a well-designed space.   I think that is what draws clients to me, is don't want it to feel generic; keeping in mind individual budgets, to create the spaces I do, I am not the "design on a dime" service. If this is what you are looking for I am not the right designer for you. I want to put everything out on the table right off the bat and be as transparent as possible with every aspect of my service. I want to help people understand that there is value in investing in a unique space to live the best life possible. 

My priority is for my clients to feel good about the design process.  I believe that by offering you a personal holistic approach, providing my services and sourcing the products I do, is what makes my service unique. This is the beauty of deciding who you team up with to design your home.  


Here's How It Works:

You email me the pictures and measurements of the room(s) to be decorated.  , as well as a completed design questionnaire.  Once we decide on a budget and direction of the space, i'll provide you with a quote for my services.  This does not include furniture/décor.  After payment is received 

Mood Board

I will provide you a room concept boards to help you visualize the room come together.

Shopping List

I will provide you with a clickable links to all recommended items needed for the design.  You can be the boss and order them all right away or have it on file to work towards over time. 

Outline Of Design

Finally I will give you a detailed outline of how I see everything come together in your space.  How to arrange all the Décor and where to place different items to achieve the look we worked together to create.