Design Services

Here at Crave Interiors, I offer E-décor services for residential Projects.  My goal is to make your house into the home you’ve always dreamed about. I maintain a bohemian simplicity in my projects and enjoy opportunities to show off my ever-evolving style. Your home reflects who you are, your personality and your style. My mission is to approach each project with an open mind. I’m committed to working with you to develop a design that represents my brand, fulfills your dreams, and provides a high-end, unique look.

E Décor Design Mission Statement:

I’ve spent countless hours dissecting designs, sourcing décor items and developing relationships with retailers and suppliers. I sample products and style items in my own home to develop designs I’m proud of. It’s taken years to cultivate my unique style and aesthetic charisma. My process includes sourcing items which can include custom pieces and vintage items. My ability to source these items and incorporate them into specific spaces is the foundation of my brand.  Clients say they are drawn to my designs because they don't want their space to feel generic. I want you to feel good about the design process. My eclectic approach to designing your space, according to the products I source and my overall vision.  My mantra—there is value in investing in a unique space to live the best life possible! I will always work within your budget, which we will establish from the beginning of each project. I’ll only ever provide the best and most unique products for your space.  I look forward to working with you to curate a space that will make you proud! 

Here's How It Works:

You complete the design questionnaire, then email me the pictures and measurements of the room(s) to be decorated. Please refer to the link below if you need help on how to measure your space(s) in the questionnaire.  Once we decide on a budget and direction of the space, I'll provide you with a quote for my services.  This does not include furniture/décor.  After payment is received… 

Mood Board

I will create you a room concept board to help you envision the room come together.

Shopping List

I will supply you with clickable links to all recommended items needed for the design.  Be your own boss and order them all right away or have it on file to work towards it over time. 

Outline Of Design

Lastly I will give you a detailed summary of how I see everything come together in your space.  Where to place all the Décor and how to arrange different items to nail down the look we worked together to create.