A Modern Refresh on a Boys Shared Room


Wow where did the summer go!!! It was scorching hot here one day and then the next day the cool weather was here and a dump of snow!!! That's Alberta weather for you!!!   

As the boys have been growing like weeds, I really wanted to refresh there room for a couple different reasons.  I wanted it to feel more grown up and also find smart solutions to organize there space a bit better.  I'll explain the method to the madness!

Design by Crave Interiors This is there room initially.

Design by Crave Interiors This is there room initially.

When it’s time to start the initial design of a space, the first thing I always do is go on a Pinterest spree!!!  Once I have a board, I break down a few to really start narrowing the style and look I'm trying to achieve. In all my pins and even my more recent projects I have been loving a fresh bright white space!!!! As much as I loved that blue wall it was time to go! The windows are south facing but they are quite small so the white should brighten the room up. My go to is "Simply White" by Benjamin Moore. When it comes to selecting what type of paint I always go with a latex base instead of a oil based, as the oil based paints have chemicals that can make your white go yellow over time.  That would not look good! So latex it is!!!

Before Picture That wall color is “Witching Hour” by Benjamin Moore

Before Picture That wall color is “Witching Hour” by Benjamin Moore

People often have a hard time committing to white and I fully admit I did too for a long time. I was afraid it would feel like a hospital and feel cold. Now that I painted my entire main floor this year in the same color “Simply White” here’s a couple reasons why I like it. White reflects Light! Also it feels comforting to me. There something about a bright, fresh, clean space! I find it’s easier to decorate with white! I add my colour through the textiles, art, furniture, lighting and accessories.


Next is lighting!  A well lit room can make a world of difference in how you feel in a space. The secret sauce to a well lit room I find is don’t try to light the whole room with one light. Instead light it in layers. In the boys room I have several layers that blend nicely together. Of course there main light, a lamp on there nightstand and these sconces by Roanoak Co to give the boys a task light to read at night. It gives the room so much personalityI My initial inspiration came from Amber Lewis’s bunk bed room she did! I’ll pop that below just cause it’s so dang gorgeous!! You know the room i’m talking about right?

Design by  Amber Interiors  Photo by  TessaNeustadt

Design by Amber Interiors Photo by TessaNeustadt

Sconces by  Roanoak Co  photo by Crave Interiors

Sconces by Roanoak Co photo by Crave Interiors

Bedding is a serious choice when it comes to designing a bedroom and not just for looks but for comfort!  Did you know If your average night's sleep is eight hours (ie one third of a day), one sleeps for one third of one's life. If you live, say, 75 years, that's 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days. Which with the kids they definitely get that and then some.  Spending that much time in bed you want comfort.

Photos and design by Crave Interiors Bedding  Brook Linen

Photos and design by Crave Interiors Bedding Brook Linen

Photo and Interior Design By Crave Interiors Rug by  Modern komfort

Photo and Interior Design By Crave Interiors Rug by Modern komfort

Finally giving the room style and personality.  I love using textiles and a mix of old and new.  I find it makes a space feel warm and the aesthetic mixes perfect with this new build.  To ground those bunkbeds and soften the space I loved this rug by Modern Komfort called the Elaziz.  Let's be real I love everything from there store!!!  Anywhooo, the most important thing when choosing a rug for a space Is to make sure it's the right size.  What I do, is measure the furniture and always make sure it's a bit bigger.  Measure twice if you have too!  Believe me from experience where it has been a costly mistake! 


Now bring the room to life!  I was inspired by the art by Jorey Hurley.  Again grabbing the blues I love so much and very minimal, framed it white, it really added some colour and interest in a inconspicuous way.  Of course carrying the horizontal lines from the curtains too.


I always love adding plants and then of course mixing modern and vintage pieces really adds character and depth. I am a huge lover of handmade vintage pillows, giving this space a bohemian touch. I am beyond happy and the boys are too, seeing them race to play in here after school makes this project worth all the hard work!!!

Hope you found some inspiration and feel free to ask any questions below! 

Lots of love!


This post was a collaborative project with Brook Linen, Roanoak Co, Modern Komfort and Jorey Hurley. I love to share my own opinions while staying true to my style and what helps you decide and inspire for your next project. Thank you for your support!

Is this for reals?! - Edmonton Interior Stylist

Hey!  You followed along this far? COOL!  I seriously feel like poking myself with a fork!  I am going to have so much fun with this!  I can't believe I am writing a blog post!!! Moi? Here writing everything my heart desires!

The last year on my Instagram I have been posting all sorts of projects and never had a tutorial to guide you through the easy steps or a place to give tips on décor and styling.  I spend hours upon hours reading and surfing for all sorts of projects and ideas to inspire myself and hope now to inspire you too!

I also decided to start this blog because I would love to participate in ORC!  As you all know you need a blog in order to participate so here it is!  Kinda missed Fall 2018 so Spring 2019 it is!!! Definitely need to get that ball rolling now!!!

You know years and years ago I would watch HGTV and remember Sarah Richardson in her sewing show!  Yes waaaay back when! ha!  For years I would park my ass on that couch loyally watching every show known to man on that network!!!  It's what inspired me to start loving my home and how I feel in it.  From A to Z in interior design they mastered getting every house wife hooked!  Genius!!!  It inspired so many of us! If you ever see this Sarah I am a huge fan!!!

So on that note let's wrap it up and i'm beyond excited to be here and start the next part of this journey with you!!!  Oh and also please feel free to comment below with blog post requests or any questions you may have!   This is here for me to blab about everything design.  Whether it's the right paint colours, textiles, Great DIY's, styling tips, resources and advice.  I have tonnes I want to share!!!  So enjoy the ride, subscribe and I hope i'll see you again soon!!!


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