Simplifying the Dreaded Which White to Paint Process.

By Lita Lee October

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Believe it or not for many years I was against white paint.  I thought that it would make your house feel like a hospital and wondered why on god’s green earth would anyone want to do that.  Well I am proud to say I am a changed woman and here’s why.

Ok Let’s get real.  You and I are not going to see the difference between Simply White, White Dove or Chantilly Lace on your walls in most lighting.  Don’t over think it.

1.) What is your Natural Light?

For a darker room and don’t have a lot of natural light, choose a warm white.  It will look like a clean white on the walls.  Why?  Because cool crisp whites in a darker room tend to look too shadowy. 

When it comes to a room with a lot of light, do the opposite and choose a cooler crisp white.

Here are a few of my Faves

BM Warm Whites are White Dove, Simply White and Cotton Balls

BM Cool Whites are Chantilly Lace, Atrium White and Decorator’s White

2 Trim Is Easy

Keep trim to a clean un tinted White.  Little Tip!  If the rest of your room is a crisp white, just paint all the boards and trim the same colour.

3 Choose different Whites!

If you choose different whites it helps your home not look like a hospital.  Also, not all rooms have the same natural light.  So have fun with this colour!

4 Choosing your Finishes

When it comes to the different sheens there is a method to the madness.  General rule of thumb is Flat finish for the ceiling, eggshell for the walls and semi gloss for the trim and doors.  But if you know me rules are made to broken right?  I am currently in love with a flat matte finish and have painted our master including all baseboards in Benjamin Moore REGAL Select Interior Paint – Ulti Matte in the colour Chantilly Lace. 

5 I always like to test a couple in the room to ensure I get the right colour.

Here I have shared my favourite ride or die whites.  A collection of crisp and cool to warm and greige too.  They all are beautiful colours.  This will inspire you to get your painting on!

Happy painting and please tag me @craveinteriors to show me your colours you choose! 

Xo, Lita