One Room Challenge Week 2

By LIta October 10, 2019



Hey!!! It’s week two for the One Room Challenge!!!! First I’d like to thank Linda and her team for this great event!!! This week in this casa we have been super busy and you want in on a secret!? I have barely done anything! EEEEPS It’s 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon and I’m whipping up this post! EEEEEPS! I actually have been really busy because we have a family wedding this weekend!!! So we have out of town guests for the week. Also don’t mind the photos. I never realized how they were until after and now Liam’s room is occupied by his Auntie and 2 twin cousin girls Katie and Khloe! They are so cute!!!!


Ok, back to this post. Good news I do have the new bed! This one was really affordable from Wayfair. I shopped my house for the nightstands. The nightstands I bought for Kale’s room but they are too high for his bed so I snapped them up for this room. I have guests till Tuesday so I hope to get something done this week! I may just have to sneak in there for a couple hours an evening lol I do have a couple goals for this week

1 Build my floating book shelves

2 Refinish Liam’s Dresser

3 Pre cut board for Stuva Bench

4 Repair walls

5 shop for wall sconces

Number one though is enjoying my family in town and this beautiful wedding!!!! So wish me luck and have a wonderful week!!!! Also please be sure to visit all the other great participants of the One Room Challenge here!

Xo Lita

One Room Challenge Week 1

One Room Challenge – Boys Bedroom That Feels All Grown Up Fall 2019


By Lita Lee October 3, 2019


Here I am!  My first One Room Challenge and I am beyond jacked to be here!  I started this blog with the One Room Challenge in mind. To say I’m not nervous is an understatement!  There are so many inspiring designers taking on the challenge this fall so please be sure to peruse and say hello!  The project I will be working on is Liam’s room and one I have been chipping away at, saving and patiently planning.  That my friends are definitely not my strongest personality trait.  The One Room Challenge is technically 5 weeks which is a very tight timeline, but of course things get a lot more fun for me here because week 2 I have a family wedding to attend, with several out of town family members staying with us!! So my One Room Challenge is 4 weeks , but I got this right!!!! A running joke here is if you stay with us we’ll have a job for you. So with all of that happening I’m dying to tell you all about my plans!

Three years ago we built them these bunk beds. You can find the tutorial  here . We tweaked the design a bit.

Three years ago we built them these bunk beds. You can find the tutorial here. We tweaked the design a bit.

If you have been following me on Instagram you know how much we enjoy building our own pieces of furniture.  When we first moved in, we decided to build the boys bunkbeds and found a plan online from Ana White!  Of course, we added our own little hacks to it but we were pretty damn proud of the way it turned out.  Now that they are older Kale wanted his own room and the bunkbeds just didn’t make sense anymore.  So, this One Room Challenge I will be transforming Liam’s room to feel all grown up! 

Here I did a little update and painted them black to give it a more modern look. But now they are taken down and going to the fire wood pile!

Here I did a little update and painted them black to give it a more modern look. But now they are taken down and going to the fire wood pile!

The plan is to add a vertical shiplap wall and paint black.  Ok ok, painting the wall black is making me so nervous but I really want a black wall! I’m on the fence about it. Comment below and help me with this one. Please! A custom bookshelf wall and a fun built in nook with extra storage for hot wheels of course!!!  I’m also revamping a great mid-century dresser!  With all these cool projects, I also plan to write some great tutorials to follow along on the blog so stay tuned for those as well.

Here is all my Inspiration for the room!

This picture gave me instant butterflies in my stomach!!!! The matte black vertical boards merries together so seamlessly and gives the perfect suttle interest. But I’m not stopping there. With my design layout, we will install the boards horizontally on the bottom half and install them vertically on the top half to really draw the eye up and help add height tot the room.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Another project we will include is a custom floating book shelf wall. I really love the idea of this because it’s so functional utilizing the vertical space for storage. Fantastic way to add art into a children’s room as well with all the bright and colorful covers. Perfect way to add whimsy.

Design by  Georgianna Quin

Design by Georgianna Quin

Liam has an obsession for hot wheels, so naturally I need some storage that is large enough to handle his collection. if you are a boy mom you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here I found the perfect solution for an odd nook in his room. Measuring the space I learned that I can fit 2 IKEA Stuva units perfectly. I plan to add a piece of wood to the top to finish it nicely and custom ordered a bench cushion from Tonic Living. Add a few cozy pillows and a throw and it will be a perfect little nook for Liam to read all of his stories!

I have always been inspired by my long time friend over on Instagram Erin Wheeler from Sunny Circle Studios. With a big obsession for a great Mid-Century piece of furniture, the Teak adds a nice amount of warmth to any design and I just love adding a vintage piece to a lot of my spaces. It adds interest and a story to the space.

RIP Bunk Beds

RIP Bunk Beds

So, with all of this agenda I am really excited to get started and kick off my first One Room Challenge. Please be sure to follow along on my stories @craveinteriors  Good luck to all the participants and see ya next week!!!

Thank you for reading! xo


Our Master Bedroom Tour + Get The Look

Master Bedroom Tour + Get The Look

By Lita Lee May 6, 2019

This Post is in partner with Rove Concepts. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help me bring you new exciting content!


It feels so good to be done our Bedroom Design.  I liked our bedroom before, just didn’t love it.  I went through a big bohemian phase and feel like my style is evolving to more of a Eclectic style with a hint of the California vibe.   I wanted to freshen up the space to have a bright, simple and calming feel to the space with some texture.  Let’s get into it.



This is what it looked like. The bedroom was pretty neutral as I painted it out “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore and added one bold wall in “Witching Hour” by Benjamin Moore.  I added some light drapes from Home Sense and the room has a dark grey carpet.  Don’t be fooled it’s totally okay to layer a area rug on the carpet.  Big goals is to put in a new wood floor.  In order to do that I would need to do the entire house and there is no budget for that.  So dark carpet it is!  The night tables were thrifted and are actually end tables, but they worked at the time and were the perfect height.


The placement of the bed just never felt right in the room and I really wanted to update that IKEA pendant that everyone was goo goo for!  We all go through our phases right!

Photo of how she is now


I love this room guys.  Our new bed and nightstands really give the room a modern, simple look and the wood adds some warmth.  By Placing the bed on that wall it allowed me to frame the bed. First thing I did was gave this room a lick of white paint! Because the room is north facing the right white was key! Thanks to My Favourite Paint the owner Renee came out and helped me select the perfect shade called Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. It really changed the entire feeling in the space!!! Don’t worry! I have a White Paint Guide Post coming soon!   I chose this beautiful bright white Linen Fabric by Ennis to help the space feel airy and the black hardware really gives it a polished look. The curtains were made by David’s Design Center.  I chose to go with a pleat and so glad I did.


When selecting and measuring for my two little windows I had to really consider the light in this space.  Again the room is dark but I am also a light sleeper.  When I wake I aint going back down easy and so I wanted the space to be bright during the day but keep light out so I’m not woken up at the break of dawn.  I already have Hunter Douglas Cellular shades to make it dark when needed so the curtains were used to really soften and frame those little windows.  Depending on where your windows face you may or may not have these issues but,  wrapping it up this is all things to cinsider.  The fabric and drapes were gifted Ennis Fabrics and David’s Design Center, otherwise It would be Homesense curtains again.

Another whole room shot


Moving along the bed is from Rove Concepts.  It works perfectly in the space and the wood adds some organic modern design to the space.  Goes so perfectly with the fresh white walls and it has a nice contrast with the hints of blue.

The rug is from Kech Mara Designs.  I wanted to add a neutral colour so there’s a nice contrast between the bed and the carpet again with nice a nice contrast and texture in the design. 

The bedding is all from Cultiver Goods which is THE SOFTEST EVER!!!! linked below.  This bedding is all organic linen made from European flax and feels soft to the touch. I chose to get separate fitted sheet and a different bed sheet for an effortless look.  The Mira Throw is a heavy weight Linen and adds a layer of texture to the bed.

Crave Interiors-sClnC569175926.jpg

Close up one side shot of the bed.

The nightstand and lamps are two peas in a pod.  The lamp is a beautiful organice piece of teak paired with the modern walnut nightstand works and I just love it. The nightstands instantly make the space feel fresh and now. These also have two soft closing drawers which I love and loads of space.

Of course I tossed my bible “The Surf Shack” by Nina Freudenberger, my Saje for a calming smell, my newest ceramic splurge by Element Clay Studio for all those wee bits and a vintage ceramic piece with pretty dried daisies from West Elm.

Let’s go to the other side of this room.


Are you not in love!!!  Look at the super model of a bench.  This was gifted from Wu and MchughI I styled it here at the foot of our bed bur for everyday yes we are tv in the room type of people.  The antique bench adds so much texture and character to the room.  Playing the other side of the spectrum from the modern Scandinavian furniture they just work and it’s pretty darn gorgeous.

Crave Interiors-ct4Pj569175919.jpg

I borrowed one my CB2 chairs down stairs to fill the space in the corner.

I’m pretty happy with this room.  I do have a couple things I would like to update over time. Some wall hooks or A beautiful Antique wood wall rack. A chair for the corner so I’m not borrowing chairs from the living room and a slightly larger light.  I love the semi flush mount by Mitzi but I think a small chandelier would look better.  First have to scrape that popcorn ceiling. ( not looking forward to that job.)  This room is so easy to keep up and not feeling cluttered.  In a master bedroom I like to keep the space simple and peaceful.  So that’s a wrap folks!!! If you have any sources for an Antique Wall Rack pop a comment below! Would love to know how you like the room too and if you would change anything. Till Next time!!

Photography Credit

lita get the look.jpg

1. Throw Pillows 2. Semi Flushmount Light 3. Linen Throw 4. Antique Vase 5. Small Ceramic Bowl 6. Beni Ourain Rug 7. Bed 8. Nightstands 9. Sheets 10. Duvet Cover and Shams 11. Surf Shack Book 12. Chair 13. Art 14. Table Lamp 15. Lumbar Pillow 16. Bench

Special Thank you to all companies involved for providing products for my design to come to life. UUsi Studios, Hudson Valley Lighting Group, Cultiver Goods, Juniper Print Shop, Ennis Fabrics, David’s Design Center, My Favourite Paint and Wu and McHugh.

Kale's Room Reveal + Get The Look

Get The Look + Kale’s Room Reveal

By Lita Lee, January 17 2019

Kale’s bedroom is finished and his room is pretty darn cool, just like that sweet little dude that he is. This room is welcoming and fun, grown-up and light hearted, both cozy and cheerful.  Although the room was a spare room before, it was a blank slate.  I had just given it a fresh coat of white back in the summer and it’s always had a good feeling to the space with it’s large window.

My initial Idea for the space was inspired by my friend Bre and her beautiful Nursery.  I knew I wanted a board and batten wall and immediately fell in love with this wallpaper as soon as I saw it!  That was my whole jumping off point!  It’s such a fun space and is very age friendly with years to grow. This room is a mixed salad for all décor styles I love!  I threw in some Mid century, industrial, tossed in some Scandinavian and vintage!  When it comes to a kids space I find it’s more forgiving to pull off a fun look and really experiment! I have a few rooms left to do in  my home, and I’m like “this is so not Instagram worthy!”  but this room is probably my FAVE so far!

DIY, Kids room, boys room, Crave interiors, Kids Room Decor

Let’s quickly peak at there shared room again.  Now with Kale’s new room it has always been a spare and lots of clutter.  It sounds crazy but I forgot to grab a before shot!  You can see them in my highlights named “Kale’s Room.”

Brook Linen, Modern kids room, Pinterest kids room, bunk beds, boys room,

 When Kale asked for his own room just a couple days after I finished the bunkroom I was pretty proud of his independence and really wanted to celebrate it.  Kale and Liam have always shared a room so this was a very big deal!  Kale has coped well with the change, Liam’s little heart is broken. Poor peanut!  Anywho, as soon as I saw this wallpaper I pulled together this moodboard.


Room Reveal,  shared room, pinterest, boys shared room, hygge and west

I love this mood board and so glad I stuck with the plan.  The look and feel of the space is still very much the same although there were some slight changes.  The dresser is from Crate and Barrel but I was lucky to have found a vintage dresser set on Kijiji and the long dresser was perfect for the space.  The platform bed we built following the original design of our bunkbeds and they turned out so well! The rug I changed to a much more graphic design. The wallpaper was the biggest Inspiration for the whole room and the DIY board and batten wall really adds some character to the space.



Such a SPECIAL Wallpaper.  The deep blue background with those orange vermillion birds and the crisp white modern clouds has such a huge impact!  It has so much personality and depth.  I like that it isn’t too juvenile crossing all the T’s for me!!!

THE RUG…Yes that rug is something else! The flat weave is perfect for kids and the graphic pattern has that modern Scandinavian element to it that looks so good. What did you say?  How are you going to keep the rug clean with all the white?  No food, drinks and keep watch I guess…the nice thing is it is very lightweight so it would be very manageable to bring to the drycleaners.


room decor, Interior design, designer kids room, pottery barn kids,

 Now the DIY BED talk.  So if you have been following along you know that Mike and I built our Bunkbeds. (Promise both tutorials coming soon!)  We have always loved a good DIY and when it came down to choosing a bed for this space we chose to design a platform bed following the design from our bunkbed.  It is really quite simple and can be easily built in an afternoon.  For the headboard I had a custom wall hung headboard made by Norwegian Wood Online. The cognac leather straps add such an unexpected detail that I love and goes so well with the rest of the room.


The dresser was a score I found on the Kijiji.  It also came with a tallboy that I have used in the bunkroom. It was the perfect scale for the room.  This piece is timeless so it’s great for Kale to continue to use for many years to come. 

Crave Interiors-j48T2559141883.jpg

That beautiful mirror is from Renwil and I love how it adds Interest to an otherwise usual mirror for a dresser.  Fits just right.

Crave Interiors-zDJZx559142044.jpg

Please stare at that rug some more.

The Renwil task light is perfect for bunky time and reading.  It’s a classic look and has great function.  The cement lamp on the dresser is also from Renwil.  This lamp I found was perfect for the dresser adding a softer light on the opposite side of the room.  I like how it adds a new texture and a nice cool balance to the warm teak wood.

Crave Interiors-df28b559142114-01.jpeg

I have always been a big fan of typography and what a perfect reminder to such a young mind. This one I downloaded from Etsy and then had it printed.  You can buy the original from School House Electric which you can buy framed or unframed.  The book shelves I used from a couple I had used in another space from IKEA.  I cut them to custom fit the wall and voila!

Crave Interiors-T1dLF559142399.jpg

 Do you ever get something and know you will never change from buying it your whole life?  Like you must have Kraft Dinner Macaroni or Heinz Ketchup?  Well Brook Linen is that for every bed in my house!  Mike and I have there bedding for our Master, the bunkroom and now Kale’s room.  The sheets are very comfortable and soft.  I even find them temperature regulating, which is key in Edmonton weather.  I love that they are 100% cotton and hypoallergenic. Lots of beautiful, fun and contemporary designs too for any bedroom décor. PS Attention all designers:  Lightning speed delivery too! That gorgeous pillow in the front is from a very good friend and designer Abbie A. Naber Design.

Crave Interiors-kTdT1559142418-01.jpeg

A Simple Meandering. I love Elisa’s work.  Her pieces exude happiness and so naturally it has found a home in here.  This piece is called “Living Large” and is a fun shot of the Santa Monica Pier.  Elisa has a quote for this piece that says “Living is one of the rarest things in the world.  Most just exist.”- Oscar Wilde  That just makes my heart sing and really strikes a fire inside me I want to light for my kids. Beautiful!  Loving those wall hooks too that my photographer and designer Ruby Thursday Collective whipped up on the fly for the shoot!  Seriously so good! Hitting the shop soon for all of you too!

West Elm Kids, boho boys room, My domaine, instagram, Interiors blogger, blogger, stylist,

There’s my snuggle bug doing what he does best! 

So that wraps it up!  Kale’s Modern, Vintage, charming big boy’s room.  I am so happy with this space and most importantly he loves it too! 

Here are all the sources so you can get the look!

Get The Look.PNG

1. Renwil Cement Lamp 2. Renwil Mirror | 3. Rug | 4. Quilt | 5. Wall Hook | 6. Wallpaper | 7. Art Print | 8. Throw | 9. Wall Hung Headboard | 10. Geo Bear Pillow | 11. Task Lamp | 12. Throw Pillow | 13. Clock | 14 Dresser | 15. Nightstand | 16. Work Hard Be Nice To People


Thank you to Hygge And West , Brook Linen , Renwil , Ruby Thursday Collective Nordic Knots and A Simple Meandering for providing product for this post and helping my vision of Kale’s Big Boys Room come to life!

Photography by Lindsay Mills Photography

Is this for reals?! - Edmonton Interior Stylist

Hey!  You followed along this far? COOL!  I seriously feel like poking myself with a fork!  I am going to have so much fun with this!  I can't believe I am writing a blog post!!! Moi? Here writing everything my heart desires!

The last year on my Instagram I have been posting all sorts of projects and never had a tutorial to guide you through the easy steps or a place to give tips on décor and styling.  I spend hours upon hours reading and surfing for all sorts of projects and ideas to inspire myself and hope now to inspire you too!

I also decided to start this blog because I would love to participate in ORC!  As you all know you need a blog in order to participate so here it is!  Kinda missed Fall 2018 so Spring 2019 it is!!! Definitely need to get that ball rolling now!!!

You know years and years ago I would watch HGTV and remember Sarah Richardson in her sewing show!  Yes waaaay back when! ha!  For years I would park my ass on that couch loyally watching every show known to man on that network!!!  It's what inspired me to start loving my home and how I feel in it.  From A to Z in interior design they mastered getting every house wife hooked!  Genius!!!  It inspired so many of us! If you ever see this Sarah I am a huge fan!!!

So on that note let's wrap it up and i'm beyond excited to be here and start the next part of this journey with you!!!  Oh and also please feel free to comment below with blog post requests or any questions you may have!   This is here for me to blab about everything design.  Whether it's the right paint colours, textiles, Great DIY's, styling tips, resources and advice.  I have tonnes I want to share!!!  So enjoy the ride, subscribe and I hope i'll see you again soon!!!


Xo Lita

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