One Room Challenge Week 1

One Room Challenge – Boys Bedroom That Feels All Grown Up Fall 2019


By Lita Lee October 3, 2019


Here I am!  My first One Room Challenge and I am beyond jacked to be here!  I started this blog with the One Room Challenge in mind. To say I’m not nervous is an understatement!  There are so many inspiring designers taking on the challenge this fall so please be sure to peruse and say hello!  The project I will be working on is Liam’s room and one I have been chipping away at, saving and patiently planning.  That my friends are definitely not my strongest personality trait.  The One Room Challenge is technically 5 weeks which is a very tight timeline, but of course things get a lot more fun for me here because week 2 I have a family wedding to attend, with several out of town family members staying with us!! So my One Room Challenge is 4 weeks , but I got this right!!!! A running joke here is if you stay with us we’ll have a job for you. So with all of that happening I’m dying to tell you all about my plans!

Three years ago we built them these bunk beds. You can find the tutorial  here . We tweaked the design a bit.

Three years ago we built them these bunk beds. You can find the tutorial here. We tweaked the design a bit.

If you have been following me on Instagram you know how much we enjoy building our own pieces of furniture.  When we first moved in, we decided to build the boys bunkbeds and found a plan online from Ana White!  Of course, we added our own little hacks to it but we were pretty damn proud of the way it turned out.  Now that they are older Kale wanted his own room and the bunkbeds just didn’t make sense anymore.  So, this One Room Challenge I will be transforming Liam’s room to feel all grown up! 

Here I did a little update and painted them black to give it a more modern look. But now they are taken down and going to the fire wood pile!

Here I did a little update and painted them black to give it a more modern look. But now they are taken down and going to the fire wood pile!

The plan is to add a vertical shiplap wall and paint black.  Ok ok, painting the wall black is making me so nervous but I really want a black wall! I’m on the fence about it. Comment below and help me with this one. Please! A custom bookshelf wall and a fun built in nook with extra storage for hot wheels of course!!!  I’m also revamping a great mid-century dresser!  With all these cool projects, I also plan to write some great tutorials to follow along on the blog so stay tuned for those as well.

Here is all my Inspiration for the room!

This picture gave me instant butterflies in my stomach!!!! The matte black vertical boards merries together so seamlessly and gives the perfect suttle interest. But I’m not stopping there. With my design layout, we will install the boards horizontally on the bottom half and install them vertically on the top half to really draw the eye up and help add height tot the room.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Another project we will include is a custom floating book shelf wall. I really love the idea of this because it’s so functional utilizing the vertical space for storage. Fantastic way to add art into a children’s room as well with all the bright and colorful covers. Perfect way to add whimsy.

Design by  Georgianna Quin

Design by Georgianna Quin

Liam has an obsession for hot wheels, so naturally I need some storage that is large enough to handle his collection. if you are a boy mom you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here I found the perfect solution for an odd nook in his room. Measuring the space I learned that I can fit 2 IKEA Stuva units perfectly. I plan to add a piece of wood to the top to finish it nicely and custom ordered a bench cushion from Tonic Living. Add a few cozy pillows and a throw and it will be a perfect little nook for Liam to read all of his stories!

I have always been inspired by my long time friend over on Instagram Erin Wheeler from Sunny Circle Studios. With a big obsession for a great Mid-Century piece of furniture, the Teak adds a nice amount of warmth to any design and I just love adding a vintage piece to a lot of my spaces. It adds interest and a story to the space.

RIP Bunk Beds

RIP Bunk Beds

So, with all of this agenda I am really excited to get started and kick off my first One Room Challenge. Please be sure to follow along on my stories @craveinteriors  Good luck to all the participants and see ya next week!!!

Thank you for reading! xo