How to Choose a Rug; Biggest Design Mistake

I see this mistake all the time: The rug that doesn’t fit the room. It happens way too often and I often wonder how this happens and how to avoid it, which is totally avoidable!!! I have a few ideas in mind and think I have figured out.

1. Rugs are very expensive and is often an overwhelming decision to make!

2. Too often a 5x8 or a 6x9 rug sounds big enough but they aren’t. I think brands and retailers stock a 5x7 because they are much more affordable compared to a 8x10. So when people are at the store shopping they assume that is the right size to buy.

3. you know when you bring a rug home and it just doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right? Well I think when this happens, you don’t want to lug that back all the way to the store so “i’ll just live with it” happens. Been there done that and it’s so annoying.

When I partnered with Loloi rugs to choose a rug the first thing a rug should do is ground your furniture in your whole room. It naturally makes the mind think this is where you sit. It’s the focal point of the room and rugs that are too small just makes a space feel like something just isn’t right.

Living rooms should ALWAYS have a rug at least 8x10. Maybe a 6x9 if the room is a bit smaller. Mostly a 8x10 or 9x12 though. Yep! If you want a sculptural look and do a cowhide there can be an exception there. Or if you want a layered look and use a natural jute and layer your favourite on top.

So I always try to keep things simple and consistent. When choosing a size, have all your furniture on it or off